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Born in 1967, David Trads is a journalist, political commentator, author of books on international affairs and public figure with a substantial following on social media.

A renowned public intellectual in Denmark, he is most known for sharing his extensive knowledge of international affairs through all types of media. Most notably by hosting his own radio program, constantly publishing for newspapers and regularly appearing on National Television.

Past and present occupations include;

Editor-in-Chief, Foreign Correspondent based in Buenos Aires, Moscow and Washington DC, Senior Editor at Denmark's Radio and Public Speaker.

Author of several books (In Danish), including:

Danskerne først! En historie om Dansk Folkeparti, 2002.

'Danes First! A Story about The Danish People's Party'.

The first book to publicly criticize and bring attention to the troubling rise of what is now one of the most successful islamophobic parties in all of Europe.

Islam i flammer! Danskerne og det muslimske oprør, 2006.

'Islam in Flames! The Danes and the Muslim Revolt'

Following the so-called 'cartoon-crisis', when a Danish newspaper published cartoons of the prophet Mohammed, David Trads used his personal relation to shed light on the conflict.

Klimatruslen! Set fra Danmark, 2007.

'The Climate Threat! Seen from Denmark.'

Ahead of the UN Climate Summit of 2009, this book acts as a  wake-up call to the disastrous effects global warming will bring if not prevented.

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